About Us

Why karo?

Karo is derived from one of the thousands of languages spoken in Africa. It means good morning in a Nigerian language called Yoruba. The contributors to karoAFRICA feel it is time for Africans and those that love Africa to wake up and usher in a new dawn of everyday thinkers, debaters and change agents.


Why karoAFRICA?

karoAFRICA provides a platform for everyday African thought leaders who are passionate about their continent to express individual passions and work to a wider audience and to engage and connect with peers and experts across the continent to develop and action innovative ideas.

It is the goal of karoAFRICA to facilitate a medium where ideas are shared and debated, innovation is spurred, and targeted actions are taken to substantially improve the lives of those in Africa.

Lastly, karoAFRICA seeks to promote leading-edge thinking, analysis, writing and practical solutions for development issues in Africa that are research-based and argumentative.


Why a marketplace?

A marketplace consists of buyers, sellers and goods. It is a place where exchanges happen between agreeable individuals and groups. karoAFRICA sees a marketplace where the “sellers” are the thought leaders with their analytical, Africa-relevant, policy-oriented and well-researched pieces. The “sellers” have the opportunity to connect with like-minded researchers, debate their ideas, and collaborate with others in finding practical solutions to the development issues. The “buyers” are anyone looking for new and relevant thinking, new ideas and new talent. “Buyers” will also have the opportunity to absorb and debate this new thinking.

karoAFRICA provides a marketplace where “sellers” and “buyers” can meet, debate and collaborate. The result is new ways of thinking and collaboration that goes beyond words and is evidenced by action-based partnerships.


Elements of the karoAFRICA marketplace

karoAFRICA invites you, everyday thought leaders, to join us in this community!

Be a contributor; submit an article that is:

  • Africa-relevant, policy-oriented, research-focused and argumentative.
  • Distinguishable from a report, opinion piece, or blog. It can take the form of a short research proposal or executive summary, an idea proposal, a case study, etc.
  • An original piece (preferred) or something old or previously published. If previously published, please include the publication details.
  • Well referenced (Harvard-style), including at least 2 cited references.
  • Between 400-1000 words

Submit your articles using this link or email to info@karoafrica.org.

Be an editor. A major focus of karoAFRICA is to dramatically enhance the level of thought, analyses, innovative action and idea generation on the continent. This requires thought leaders willing to spend the time needed to work with contributors to make their arguments strong and sound. We need an army! Join the team!

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